Jun 01 2020


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Spread Joy Collaborative Music Video

Participants will have the opportunity to connect with Melissa McKinney and others via the Zoom App for an inspired music collaboration project. The group will spend time getting to know a little bit about one another and then they will be guided through a co-writing experience focused on spreading positivity and lifting others. Through a combination of group and one on one instruction, participants will learn to use the Soundtrap recording App to record their parts. Participants will also receive guidance on how to creatively video their part of the music video that will accompany the audio project. The audio and video will be edited into a music video that will be released on social media with the desired outcome to Spread Joy to others during this difficult period of time. Participants will need to have access to a computer, iPad, tablet or smartphone. This class is open to all ages and all levels of musicianship (beginners welcome!)

Globally….hate has been spreading like the Corona Virus for far too long. That hate is killing far more than the virus ever will. It is killing hope, compassion, and joy. The only way we can fight it and win is to spread positivity, love, acceptance, compassion, and knowledge. We, the LEAF family are on the front lines of this fight. We grow stronger the more people we lift, the more people we touch, bring joy to, compassion to, and hope to. Join us as we write a Global Anthem to celebrate Joy, Love, and Connectedness.

The event is finished.


Mayani is a Maasai boy from longido Arusha. He went to boarding school at 6 years old and lost his Maasai language and tradition. Since joining the LEAF program, he has learned to sing Maasai songs, practiced the ‘jump’ tradition and wear Maasai shukas (traditional clothing). Mayani is extremely happy and is currently teaching other youth the culture.