LEAF International 2020 Cultural Expedition in Costa Rica

by Schree Chavdarov, Global Engagement Director “I feel emotional when I hear the Ngäbe people talk. I feel their purpose. LEAF is  helping indigenous people fight for a good cause.”  -Jose Mendez, Trip Guide & Founder of Passport Adventure  Overview of the LEAF International Costa Rica Expedition:  This trip brought a long time LEAF couple closer […]

LEAF International Cultural Exchange in Rwanda and Zambia


REPORT DATE: January 2020 LOCATION: Zambia CULTURE KEEPER: David Kwizera, Rwanda  “We have lost our culture & have since started adopting other cultures.”  -Senior Chief of Chishi Village  Overview of the LEAF International Discovery Expedition:  Zambia’s contemporary culture is a blend of values, norms, material and spiritual traditions of more than  70 ethnically diverse people. Most of […]

LEAF International Site Visit 2020


by Schree Chavdarov, Global Engagement Director  REPORT DATE: March 2020 LOCATION: Panama City, Panama CULTURE KEEPER: Yoba Barrantes & Jose Hayans  “I’m inspired by children losing their identity due to living in the (Panama) city. They are  disconnected, but it’s not their fault. As soon as they have contact with their traditions,  something within them click & […]