LEAF Vendor and Healing Artist Information

We’re so excited for 2024 and hope you are too!! We invite you to apply for the Spring LEAF Retreat May 9-12, 2024 and/or the Fall LEAF Festival October 17-20, 2024.

We have shifted to a DUAL Application Process! When applying please keep this in mind. You will still be able to apply for May (Retreat), October (Festival) or BOTH, however, we will also be holding an Application Process in June for just the Fall. The number of vendors accepted for each event will be tailored to the size of the event to maximize the experience for everyone. The Retreat has an expected daily attendance of 1,500 per day and Festival has an expected daily attendance of 5,500 per day.

Important Dates!
LEAF Retreat May 9-12::
Applications Close – March 18th
Acceptance/Waitlist Notification -March 28th
Payment Deadline – April 19th
*Handcraft/Healing Arts exhibitor fee is $495 (*Retreat includes Artist+2 Assistants+1 youth and Vehicle Camping in designated location)

LEAF Global Arts Festival October 17-20:
Applications Close – August 1st
Acceptance/Waitlist Notification – August 17th
Payment Deadline – September 14th 
Handcraft/Healing Arts exhibitor fee is $495

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Vendor Team, Vendors@theLEAF.org with any questions.


LEAF Retreat & LEAF Festival Vendor Information

This is a competitive, art & craft fair open to any artist or craftsperson. Interested artists must apply and be screened by the committee. Accepted artists must be present at the festival during booth operation hours Friday 4pm – Dusk, Saturday 9am – Dusk & Sunday 9am – 6pm. No retailers, agents, or representatives are allowed. LEAF festival stage events start Thursday at 6pm and end Sunday 6pm.

All work must be original designs handcrafted by the participating artist. NO IMPORTS, FOOD, or SERVICES. (Henna & Face paint are ONLY exception). All work exhibited or performed must correspond in quality and represent the work presented in the application. No commercial kits or assembled items. No commercially cast plaster or clay. Any commercially produced components must play a subordinate role, be listed on the application, and may not be sold separately.

No manufactured retail products may be sold.

Artists who make more than one medium must submit images that represent each one. Joint applicants (business partners) must put both names on application and provide % of creative input for each. All applicants must comply with festival rules and regulations. Anyone using more than 3 assistants to produce work will be charged as a Misc. Vendor*.

Anyone accompanying the primary artist over the age of 9 including a partner is considered an assistant. One assistant ticket is included in the booth fee. Accepted exhibitors get one (1) artist badge and one (1) assistant ticket. A second assistant ticket is offered for advance purchase. Assistants MUST park in general parking and pay the parking fee upon arrival.

Display spaces are 10’x10’. You MUST stay within that area unless specific approval is granted. All canopies and booth displays must present a professional, high quality exhibit and fit inside this size space. Exhibitors may apply for a maximum of 2 spaces side by side (no extra canopies behind booth unless you pay for the additional space). Only land is provided. No tables, chairs or electricity outlets are available. Exhibiting at night (lanterns are recommended) is encouraged and will increase sales. Locations are assigned by lottery and are final. Artists choose their own booth operation hours.

The exhibitor fee is $495 per event, per 10×10 space & includes one principal artist admission, PLUS one weekend assistant ticket (partner artist, child over 9, or helper etc.). Free tent camping in general camping areas, and 1 parking space in VENDOR LOT are included. There is a non-refundable application for one festival or a special rate for both festivals.
Double Booths will have added charges – These are very limited and require pre-approval. You receive one additional assistant ticket with this purchase.
Additional Store Front & Storage – We do have storage & store front options available for an additional fee.
Storage off the back of your booth is additional $116 – this space cannot be used as a retail area. It is ok to use part of it as a changing area.
Store front space is an additional $228– this area can be use for clothing racks, tables, signage etc so long as it is in good taste and respectful of your neighbors.

*Miscellaneous Vendors
Anything outside of Healing Arts, Food and Handcrafts GUIDELINES are considered Miscellaneous Vendors. This includes all vendors with Manufactured Items (Acceptance is very limited) & Trucks. The Miscellaneous Vendor 10×10 booth fee is $702 per festival. The same assistant ticketing rules apply. The same additional Store Front & Storage is available (See Above).

Main Vendor Check-In will be ONSITE at Gate 4 Thursday 10a-3p and Friday 9a-3p. 

LOAD-IN Gates close promptly at time listed, plan to arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to gate closing time. Late arrivals (Incl. Assistants) will need to check in at the drive through gates at Owen Middle School AFTER 5pm.

Festival goers start arriving Thursday at 4:30pm. All booths must be set-up before 4pm Friday. You will be asked to return to drive-thru checkin if you arrive on site outside of these hours – VERY IMPORTANT!

No. Vendor/camping set up is not available until 10am on  Thursday. ABSOLUTELY no exceptions!!

Parking near your booth is only available for certain locations and only for vendors who do not plan to leave until after the event has ended. Many booths will have a space next to it for camping if desired.  After unloading – If behind booth parking is not available for your location or if vehicle will need to move DURING the event Main vendor vehicle will park in Vendor Parking (Gate 5) unless you plan on leaving every night. (In that case you may get a Day parking pass for offsite parking where you will have to ride the shuttle back and forth.)

We are asking that everyone please plan to stay on site for the duration of the event for guest safety. As Vendors will have their vehicle and camping at their booth we feel that coming and going can create potential hazards to safety once patrons have arrived. *IF* you choose to leave after arrival, you will then park your vehicle in GENERAL PARKING–NOT at your booth. Gate hours are limited. Please plan accordingly.

NO, the booth fee includes the booth space, one artist (main vendor) plus one assistant ticket which can be used by your business partner if applicable.  Assistant bar-coded tickets will be emailed to the applying artist for distribution to the assistant(s). It is imperative they bring the printed bar-code to drive-thru check in.  You are able to purchase 1 (ONE) additional assistant at a discounted rate, any additional assistants beyond that must be purchased at regular ticket price.

LEAF Does not provide wireless service. AT&T cell phones do not have coverage here. Verizon & U.S. Cellular work but can be spotty.  IF YOU USE A SQUARE OR SIMILAR DEVICE PLEASE HAVE A BACK-UP PLAN!!!! IE – Knuckle Cracker or Hand Written Receipts.

Yes, but only a small amount of space is available in most areas  (10X10). You may NOT have an extra canopy at your booth for camping or shelter – you will be charged an extra booth fee if you set-up more than one 10X10 canopy per space. ($215 for storefront, $110 for storage or “hanging out”).

Your hours are up to you, but generally 9am-dusk, unless you have battery operated lighting. Check out the schedule for the stage hours. No electricity is provided! No generators allowed!

No animals. Inform your assistants! Not even chickens….

Theft at LEAF is rare, but it is a good policy is to be sure your booth is watched at all times. At night, you should close up the sides well. Many artists camp directly behind or in their booth. Meet your artist neighbors and help each other keep your booths secure.

No, You must keep your own records for tax purposes – no permits are required.

ONLY IF you have already purchased LEAF RV camping. Lodging and vehicle camping (including RV) is still available on a first come first served basis. Please contact Info@theLEAF.org for more information.

Yes, LEAF takes place at Camp Rockmont – a beautiful 600 acre camp. There are 3 shower houses with flushing toilets.  Port-A-Johns are also located throughout the camping areas.

If there are no State-issued burn bans in place, then fires are allowed only if they are contained (Portable Fire-Pits) – no ground fires of any kind. Portable Fire-Pits must be 18 inches above the ground. LEAF has a family fire circle in the camping area.

Yes, we will have ATM’s On-site for this event! We do recommend that you have cash on hand for a bank as well as another PoS device, such as square, as these ATMs can (& do) run out.

NO, you can only sell art/craft/products that you hand make and were presented in your application. Anyone who sells retail items or other artists’ work will be asked to refrain immediately, and may not be considered to participate at future festivals. ONLY the Healing Arts Practitioners who were accepted in the application may offer services.

No, we are asking everyone to be packed and loaded out by Sunday evening. 

Mayani is a Maasai boy from longido Arusha. He went to boarding school at 6 years old and lost his Maasai language and tradition. Since joining the LEAF program, he has learned to sing Maasai songs, practiced the ‘jump’ tradition and wear Maasai shukas (traditional clothing). Mayani is extremely happy and is currently teaching other youth the culture.