Global Gem Fundraiser


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Global Gem Fundraiser! Oct 12, 2022

This special Global Gem Fundraiser eve is the official kick-off for the 50th LEAF Festival featuring Legends of Africa! Chinobay & his family will curate the evening with several African Artist friends. “We will travel to Africa through this eve of music, song, a fun fashion show, food, conversations and we will teach some of our favorite African children games.”-Chinobay
Amy Kawar & family will host at their Gem home filled with gems from Madagascar & across the world.
All proceeds from Global Gem Eve will support LEAF International Cultural Exchanges.
Why? Over the years, these exchanges have been the GEMs of LEAF! The new International Claytons Cultural Exchange Fund will be dedicated to 1st Travel experiences for young LEAF artists (ages 10-30). Over the years we have witnessed so many “1st Travels” beyond their home where these young people are representing their country and culture. These are life-transforming experiences for both young artists and their audiences.
Membership keeps all the International and Schools & Streets programming going year-round. These treasured Cultural Exchanges have larger and always unexpected costs (visas, airfare, transport, lodging and don’t forget food). In this new fund inspired by The Clayton Family, LEAF not only remains dedicated to helping the young artist achieve this dream, we now are creating the resources to secure and expand the opportunities. Remember your 1st trips to faraway places? Now imagine being one of the first in your family to ever traveled beyond your country and to be representing your country and your culture. This is extraordinary, and thank you for understanding the importance of being a Global Citizen!
Wednesday, October 12, 2022 6:30-8:30
Woodfin, NC
Limited to 50 Adults plus kids

Mayani is a Maasai boy from longido Arusha. He went to boarding school at 6 years old and lost his Maasai language and tradition. Since joining the LEAF program, he has learned to sing Maasai songs, practiced the ‘jump’ tradition and wear Maasai shukas (traditional clothing). Mayani is extremely happy and is currently teaching other youth the culture.