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The ROK Experience (Virtual)


The ROK Experience with LEAF Master Teaching Artist Otto Vazquez explores the “Rebirth of Kool.” This virtual course is recommended for those 16 and up.

The ROK Experience

with LEAF Resident Teaching Artist Otto Vazquez

Fridays 3:30-4:30 (Zoom),  ages 16 and up suggested

Dates:  April 23, April 30, May 7, May 21, May, 28

$40 per 5-week course, plus purchase of book

LEAF Global Arts is releasing a new five-week course called “The ROK Experience,” a course developed to explore the book “Rebirth of Kool” by LEAF’s Resident Master Teaching Artist Otto Vazquez. The book is a historical fiction set in Los Angeles that revolves issues of “racial inequality,” by exposing little known episodes in history and highlighting characters that display a true moral compass. 

The journey begins with reading the book prior to joining the 5-Day course. When the daily classes begin, the author Otto goes into discussing topics of racism, privilege and discussing the dilemmas in the book, (of issues both in the past and today.) 

The classes will teach you a great bit of history plus allowing a safe-space to have discussions of race and equality. The course objective is to learn new things about American history, about ourselves and searches for solutions to heal our community. Join us in a truly enlightening & fun experience, “The ROK Experience!”