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LEAF Global Arts Festival Poster.

Find Your LEAF at
October 19-22 Festival!

We chose this captivating theme, LEGENDS OF THE AMERICAS, for the year because of the important depth, (re)connection and beauty of this exploration. This year, our festival aims to exalt and pay homage to First Nations, Indigenous, and LatinX communities alongside special LEAF family & friend traditions. At Spring Retreat, we planted seeds of discovery and learning. Many artists will return with their awe-inspiring full ensembles such as Angela Miracle Gladue of Frog Lake Nation and John John Grant of The Cherokee to continue building relationships and sharing their culture as we take this journey.

Join us as we journey into a realm where learning coexists with festivity, where history influences the present, and where together, we appreciate the rich fabric of our collective past. It’s a season of joyous commemoration; an opportunity to look back and appreciate those who came before us. It’s a celebration where wisdom, preserved over generations, is rekindled and shared. It’s an occasion to pay tribute to remarkable legacies, to cherish enduring narratives, and to immerse ourselves in respected traditions.

Embodying the spirit of the Fall LEAF is “Grandmother Spider,” a magnificently hand-drawn by Cherokee artist Wahnetah Toineeta. Here’s a little story to draw us into the fall web. Deeply intertwined with Cherokee creation myths, Grandmother Spider is considered to be the sacred bringer of stars and light into the universe. Wahnetah’s artistry brings this revered icon to life, embodying a tale that has been passed down through generations. As autumn’s blanket descends upon us, what could be more fitting than celebrating the season with Grandmother Spider, who herself weaves a cosmic web of wonder and enchantment? 

Join us in celebrating this season of change, and let’s pay homage to the beautiful traditions and profound stories that continue to shape our human experience with “Legends of The Americas!” October 19-22. Tickets are on sale now!
~ Otto Vazquez, LEAF Artistic Curator & Master Teaching Artist

Headshot of beatbox artist Rahzel


Grammy-winning Rapper/MC from the original, world-renowned Roots lineup.

Danza Azteca Chichimeca

Aztec drummers, musicians and dancers will bring scared rituals to the stage! A must-experience!

Haviken Hayes

Legendary festival and club DJ/Producer from Miami brings his signature blend of Funk music to LEAF.

Adama Dembele of Ivory Coast

LEAF Schools & Streets Master Teaching Artist & Ivory Coast Culture Keeper graces LEAF with his immaculate rhythm!

"Street Dance" 100 Years of Innovation

Nu Paradigm presents a guided tour of the last century of urban dance!

Mama & The Ruckus

Powerhouse vocalist Melissa McKinney brings her Bluesy Soulful band to insipre us!

Spaceman Jones

This amazing producer and wordsmith returns to be the Master of Ceremonies!

Funkin' Around w/ Garfield

NOLA Funk to move your trunk, with the return of the mistro Garfield.

Elder Roy Harris

This esteemed community leader is one of our amazing Master of Ceremonies!

Keith Shubert's Toybox Theater

Keith Shubert returns with his hilarious and wildly entertaining puppetry slam to LEAF!

LEAF International Costa Rica

Culture Keepers from our Costa Rican program will grace us with their music, songs and stories. Prepare to be wowed and inspired!

Monika Guerra

Amazing dancer from Miami teaches Salsa & Latin dancing at LEAF!

Screaming Js

The masters of boogie-oogie return to get your hips swaying and your feet moving!

John John Grant of Cherokee

Master multi instrumentalist John Toineeta brings his Cherokee ensemble with music, dance, songs and stories.

La Chiny

Dynamic performer from Costa Rica brings her beautiful blend of samba and batucada to grace our stages and our hearts!

This is LEAF...

Music & Traditions from Across the World


Outdoor Adventures



Visual Art

Family Fun


Healing Arts

Culinary Adventures

LEAF Retreat, May 2023

Feel the music! Steve Atkins' photos capture the moments

LEAF Retreat, May 2023

More magic! Steve Atkins' photos refresh our LEAF love

LEAF Retreat, May 2023

Unforgettable moments captured by Matt Spence

Adventures for All Ages - Festival Camp Life!


Get on the Lake! Charleston SUP Safaris Stand-Up Paddleboards, camp canoes & boats

Healing Arts

Relax and rejuvenate with Healing Artists Booths to get treatments you don't have time for and over 30 Workshops to explore Feelin good!



Illuminera: Jelly Dome+

Kickin' It is the collaborative effort of Greg Ignasiak and Rae Liebtag creating interactive installment art, captivating environments, and experiential events. They seek to provide outlets for community creativity by encouraging self expression. Fun, playful, "under the sea" adventures!


Hikes & Runs with Bruce & Shonnie

Lake Eden Trails cover hundreds of acres up to Eden Rock if you make it to the top. Find your pace hiking or running with family or solo and the trails welcome you.This is a vintage pic & the tradition continues.

Explore the #1 Kids Festival in Western North Carolina, and one of the best FAMILY festivals in the world. All of LEAF is family friendly with activities spread throughout the magical setting. Family Adventure activities are throughout LEAF and designed to engage and inspire. Watch performances, create, play, and discover whimsical Puppetry shows. Support children’s crafts, hoop and flow, and play boffer games. Immerse into cultural creative arts in Easel Rider with LEAF teaching artists. Swing in the Jelly Dome. Play sports with a global community. Jump, roll, pet, climb, and retreat: life-sized hamster ball, climbing wall, launch rockets! Each festival has different offering and tradition- you. may find Toy Trains on the hill, paper rockets, and Giant slides & bounce houses!

If you have little ones, Elfhaven Childcare in Buckeye Lodge is a world of wonder and time for parents to go play. 

Do you have a young artists in your family?
Sprouts Corner Youth Vendors is ORIGINAL kid-made art sold by kid artists! Here kids can offer their handmade art, special skills & services, like fortune telling or manicures… just has to be $10 or less

Healing Arts Workshops & Booths

Massage Therapists|Chiropractic Consult|Workshops | Lectures | Ceremonies | Yoga | Movement Activities | & MORE

Enhance your Retreat experience with a massage or a chiropractic consult. We will have multiple healing artist booths and LMTs providing a variety of modalities including: Ashiastu, Thai, deep tissue, myofascial release, cupping, and more. 

Enhance your LEAF weekend with Healing Arts, Movement, and Earth Skills workshops, all with the intention of helping you flow with whatever comes your way.  Enjoy flow yoga to live music, nature hikes, dance, music workshops, sound healing, meditation, and more. Express your true self without judgement.

We are so grateful for our wonderful  presenters and vendors!

Updated Healing Arts schedule.

Handcrafts & Folk Artists

LEAF Love to amazing Artists who artfully inspire the LEAF experience! LEAF Festival’s Juried Handcraft Art Fair exhibits 50+ national & local artisans. More artists coming soon….

drawing | painting | fiber | furniture | glass | jewelry | metal work | mixed media | photography | printmaking | ceramics | apparel | wood

Browse and shop the colorful booths, meet the artists, and visit the Global Interactive Outpost to win artful donations from fabulous artisans at LEAF Art Raffle benefiting LEAF Schools & Streets. Check out & shop these amazing LEAF Festival Handcraft Artists! You can support artists online now and buy gifts at LEAF Retreat & Festival.

Vendors lineup graphic.

Culinary Arts

LEAF Cafe in Eden Hall and various Culinary Booths throughout the festival grounds provide gourmet, international fare from local chefs. All the food is freshly prepared on site, and there is something for almost anyone from vegetarians to BBQ fans. We have a good diversity and long hours to keep everyone happily fed. { Gluten Free & Vegetarian Options Available }

Want to save time & money? Want 5 World-Inspired Meals for $65?

Culinary Food Booths
LEAF Festival hosts various local culinary artists that represent many cultures and cuisine options to make your LEAF life delicious. A few change from time to time; however, many culinary booths are longtime LEAF Traditions. Click on images below to see the various culinary booths throughout the festival. 

Need to revive your festival spirit? Visit their eateries in Asheville area.

Local Brews

Soundtracks of LEAF

Since 1995, LEAF has hosted over 16,000 performers from 104 countries! “It never ceases to astound me how each artist was able to transform their sets into their own unique experience offering culture, inspiration, and creativity. I invite you to sit back, relax, and let these tracks take you on a journey. And as you hold your family close during during these challenging times - think back to the power of those moments when you first heard these songs, and allow that feeling to fuel you onward into a bright and beautiful future.” - Ehren Cruz

 WNC’s favorite LEAF Festival was back and celebrated Global Citizenship! 

“As peoples from different geographical locations, we so often have been separated by borders and countries, that we forget that we are part of a much larger family…humanity!!  LEAF is your passport to experience rich cultural music and traditions, to remind us of our glorious diversity, but with the purpose of bringing us closer together. From stellar acts like Tito Puente Jr. and Las Cafeteras, to the world orchestra of Ethno Camp with young artists from 10 countries and Afghani Musician Quraishi Roya. Time to pack your bags & get ready for a World tour. Time to be a “Global Citizen!!” 

– Otto Vazquez, Artistic Director 

Rising Appalachia - Why LEAF is so Extraordinary

Love to All our LEAF Family & Friends

Come see us at LEAF Global Arts Experience in Downtown AVL - Open Year Around

Celebrating 51 Festivals & Counting!
Connecting Cultures & Creating Community Through World Music & Arts

Culinary Passports

Use your Culinary Passport Vouchers at Eden Hall run by Baba Nahm, Middle Eastern Restaurant, dedicated to creating exceptional food with a festival flair.

The Culinary Passport vouchers are easy to share with your kids and friends – so you can buy several passports to share. 

Make festival eating easier, save $ and time. Click here to purchase your Culinary Passport

Check out the menu here: