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Celebrating 25 Years! LEAF is On for 2021!
LEAF 49.5th Festival is October 14-17. Tickets on Sale!

Our #1 Priority is Health & Safety!  See Details on Info Page

LEAF 49.5th Festival Schedule

LEAF 49.5th Performing Artists & Experiences!

LEAF’s 49.5th Festival theme is GLOBAL CITIZEN. As peoples from different geographical locations, we so often have been separated by borders and countries, that we forget that we are part of a much larger family…humanity!! Willful to this notion, we bring to you our theme for our Fall festival: “The Global Citizen!!” LEAF is your passport to experience rich cultural music and traditions, to remind us of our glorious diversity, but with the purpose of bringing us closer together. From stellar acts like Tito Puente Jr. and Las Cafeteras, to the world orchestra of Ethno Camp, we will bring you beautiful music, dance and culture in typical LEAF fashion. Time to pack your bags & get ready for a World tour. Time to be a “Global Citizen!!”

Artists Updates In Process Below! Actively Under Creative Construction

Campfire Reverends

Beloved LEAF community member Billy Jack Sinkovic of the Campfire Reverends is joined by dear LEAF friends and fellow musicians.

Adama Dembele

Adama Dembele

LEAF Schools & Streets Master Teaching Artist - Ivory Coast Culture & Traditions

DJ Daydreaming

DJ Daydreaming

DJ Haviken Hayes

DJ Haviken Hayes

Haviken Hayes is a DJ/Producer who makes music that is expansive, intricate, and varied. His relationship with music is something that he is both obsessed with and motivated by. He plays & produces a hybrid of anything along the music spectrum of Hip-Hop, House, and Jazz to, Downtempo, Rare Grooves, Latin and Bass.

Carol Rifkin & Friends

Carol Rifkin, John Mitchell & Anna Morris host a virtual LEAF FBVMA jam session. Play along with this impromptu home recording, the tunes increase in speed and fun as the session progresses.

Agustin Frederic

LEAF Schools & Streets Teaching Artist - World Percussion

Blaise Kieler - All-Arts Jam

Bring a sketch pad, crayons, markers, paints & an easel, yoga mat, a journal, a half-completed poem, hand percussion, melody instruments, or just your voice.

Melissa McKinney (The Change)

LEAF Schools & Streets Teaching Artist - Make a Difference...Inspire Others

Healing Arts & Yoga

Canoeing on Lake Eden

Soundtracks of LEAF

Since 1995, LEAF has hosted over 16,000 performers from 101 countries! “It never ceases to astound me how each artist was able to transform their sets into their own unique experience offering culture, inspiration, and creativity. I invite you to sit back, relax, and let these tracks take you on a journey. And as you hold your family close during during these challenging times - think back to the power of those moments when you first heard these songs, and allow that feeling to fuel you onward into a bright and beautiful future.” - Ehren Cruz
 LEAF creates gathering in such a unique way that the diversity of  experiences, artists and people allows a connection and breaking of barriers to happen so quickly and effectively in a way that hours of conversation can rarely do and  that really transforms someone and opens their minds.” 
– Ehren Cruz

Rising Appalachia - Why LEAF is so Extraordinary

Family Adventure

Explore the #1 Kids Festival in Western North Carolina, and one of the best FAMILY festivals in the world. All of LEAF is family friendly with activities spread throughout the magical setting. The Family Adventure Village holds the heart of the activities and is designed to amaze and inspire, and is filled with interactive activities. Watch performances, create, play, and discover whimsical Puppetry shows. Support children’s crafts, hoop and flow, and play boffer games. Immerse into cultural creative arts in Easel Rider with LEAF teaching artists. Swing in the Jelly Dome. Play sports with a global community. Jump, roll, pet, climb, and retreat: life-sized hamster ball, climbing wall, launch rockets! Carl & Jamie’s Toy Trains on the hill, Tom Heck’s paper rockets, and Giant slides & bounce houses! And if you have little ones, Enjoy safe and creative childcare in Elfhaven Village that is open til 2am Friday and Saturday!

Do you have a young artists in your family?
Sprouts Corner Youth Vendors is ORIGINAL kid-made art sold by kid artists! Here kids can offer their handmade art, special skills & services, like fortune telling or manicures… just has to be $10 or less!

Healing Arts

Workshops | Lectures | Ceremonies | Yoga | Movement Activities | & MORE

 Healing Arts workshops which include movement, dance, yoga, music, sound healing, lectures, writing, meditation, improv, music, and more. Also included are Earth Skills with sustainability, permaculture, building, nature walks, and outdoor education.
We are so grateful for our wonderful Healing Arts Vendors that are offering special discounts and virtual sessions as we continue to move through this time together.


LEAF Love to amazing Artists who artfully inspire the LEAF experience! LEAF Festival’s Juried Handcraft Art Fair exhibits 50+ national & local artisans.

drawing | painting | fiber | furniture | glass | jewelry | metal work | mixed media | photography | printmaking | ceramics | apparel | wood

Browse and shop the colorful booths, meet the artists, and visit the Global Interactive Outpost to win artful donations from fabulous artisans at LEAF Art Raffle benefiting LEAF Schools & Streets. Check out & shop these amazing LEAF Festival Handcraft Artists! You can support artists online now and buy gifts at LEAF Retreat & Festival.

Culinary Arts

LEAF Cafe in Eden Hall and various Culinary Booths throughout the festival grounds provide gourmet, international fare from local chefs. All the food is freshly prepared on site, and there is something for almost anyone from vegetarians to BBQ fans. We have a good diversity and long hours to keep everyone happily fed. { Gluten Free & Vegetarian Options Available }

Want to save time & money? Want 5 World-Inspired Meals for $60?

Culinary Food Booths
LEAF Festival hosts various local culinary artists that represent many cultures and cuisine options to make your LEAF life delicious. A few change from time to time; however, many culinary booths are longtime LEAF Traditions. Click on images below to see the various culinary booths throughout the festival. The LEAF Festival map helps to find locations.

Need to revive your festival spirit? Visit their eateries in Asheville area.

Local Brews

Young Artists Performances

LEAF Cultural Arts Education Programs Culminate to Stage Performances.

LEAF Cultural Arts Education Programs often culminate with the youth transforming into YOUNG ARTISTS alongside their Teaching Aritst. Traditionally about 300 LEAF Schools & Streets youth perform at each festival along with LEAF International youth that have travelled far and usually for their first trip out of their country. As part of the LEAF Method this leap from the classroom or cultural exchange to an international stage is life changing and elevates the confidence and team work in a way that is nurtured and is extraordinary. 


Love to All our LEAF Family & Friends

Come see us at LEAF Global Arts in Downtown AVL - New & Open Year Around

Celebrating 25 years! Connecting Cultures & Creating Community Through World Music & Arts

Culinary Passports

Use your Culinary Passport Vouchers at Eden Hall run by Baba Nahm, Middle Eastern Restaurant, dedicated to creating exceptional food with a festival flair.

The Culinary Passport vouchers are easy to share with your kids and friends – so you can buy several passports to share. 

Make festival eating easier, save $ and time. Click here to purchase your Culinary Passport

Check out the menu here: