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Treat yourself at LEAF's HEALING ARTS! With over 50 healing arts workshops throughout the weekend (free of charge), enjoy various yoga, dance, and martial arts classes, as well as workshops on nutrition, diverse healing traditions, ancient earth skills, and plant walks. Also explore many different holistic health modalities through the healing arts booths (offered at a fee) where you can enjoy a relaxing massage, rolfing, acupunture, chiropractic work, and more! A perfect way to add rest and rejuvenation into your festival weekend... 

HEALING ARTS BOOTHS  SPRING 2014... (FALL Line-Up Announced in August!)
  • Laughing Waters Retreat Center & Hickory Nut Forest EcoCommunity
  • Asheville Therapeutic Massage: Lawrence Hines   
  • Gardens of Health Chiropractic: Dr. Landon Ortiz
  • Maya Laura & Angela Howe: Massage, Acupressure, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Reiki (table & chair)
  • Still Point Wellness: Corey Costanzo & Robin Fann
  • Benjamin Bernstein - AstroShaman: Astrology & Shamanic Healing
  • Alan Gordon: Astrology
  • Shannon Nickerson: Wellness Coordinator
  • Dr. Brian Lumb: Nourish & Flourish Network Care & Wellness Center
  • Gary Lloyd & Andra Cagle: Swedish Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Reiki
  • Tara Alisbah & Phoebe Gibbs: Access Consciousness Work
  • Shannon Warwick: Rolfing Magic
  • Nathan Oxenfeld: Integral Eyesight Improvement
  • Stacey Pederson: Metamorphosis Massage
  • Gregg Steinberger: Thai Massage


4:00 PM - Yoga for Blood Sugar Balance: Katie Souris
5:00 PM - Tai Chi Chuan for Beginners: Trey Crispen
6:00 PM - Settling In Yoga: Lisa Duffey
7:00 PM - Medicinal Mead Making: "Turtle" Turtlington

4:00 PM - Poetry, Consciousness, & Healing: Mary Ellen Phillips
5:30 PM - Natural Eyesight Improvement: Nathan Oxenfeld
6:30 PM - Attracting or Deepening with Your Divine Partner: Karen Savage Taylor

BROOKSIDE DANCE HALL 8:15-9:15 AM - Morning CrossFit Workout: CrossFit Pisgah 
              9:30-10:30 AM - Glow Yoga, Black Light Yoga Rave: JP & Cassie McClellan
BARNS 10:30-11:30 - Frank Cook Film, Discussion, & Plant Walk
             11:30-12:30 - Sangita Devi Kirtan
BOATHOUSE 10:00 AM & 3:00 PM- SUP Safaris Yoga & Fitness
9:00 AM - Kung Fu for All Ages: Mark Small
10:30 AM - Kundalini Yoga & Aromatherapy: Stacey Vann
12:00 PM - Flow Yoga: Stephanie Keach
1:30 PM - Principles of Natural Movement: Stephen Opper
3:00 PM - Restorative Yoga & Didgeridoo: Corey Costanzo & Robin Fann
4:30 PM - Flow Yoga: Kamala Beissinger
6:00 PM - Roots of Bellydance: Michelle Dionne

9:00 AM - Shamanic Invocation-Heal & Awaken: Benjamin Bernstein
10:30 AM - Chakra Activation Meditation w/Aromatherapy: Christa & Jason Hebal
12:00 PM - The Three Keys to Energy Richness: Dr. Brian Lumb
1:30 PM - Growing Good Health: Shannon Nickerson
3:00 PM - Chinese Medicine First Aid Kit: Chad Johnson
4:30 PM - Breaking the Sugar Addiction: Nicole DiDio Johnson
6:00 PM - Painting to Manifest Your Purpose: Lilla Khalsa
10:00 AM - Weeds, Woodslore, & Useful Wild Plants: Doug Elliott
11:00 PM - Finding Plant Allies: Mateo Ryall
12:00 PM - Making Kombucha: Michelle Van Sandt
1:30 PM - Gifts from Green Beings: Jamie Sparks
3:00 PM - Spring Wild Flower Walk: Marc Williams
4:30 PM - Soapstone Carving/Jewelry Making: Kirsten Cloutier
6:00 PM - Astrological Planting Calendar: "Turtle" Turtlington

BROOKSIDE DANCE HALL 8:15-9:15 AM - Morning Qi Gong: Matt & Heather Kabat
LAKE FRONT LAWN  12:00 PM - Kirtan: Sangita Devi
BOATHOUSE 10:00 AM - SUP Safaris Yoga & Fitness

9:00 AM - The Practice of Earthing: Miriam Lieberman
10:30 AM - Flow Yoga: Mackenzie Thomas
12:00 PM -Yoga w/Sanskrit Mantra: Michael Greenfield & Melanie Leenhouts
1:30 PM - Couples Connection Yoga: Cat Matlock & Jeff Schmitt
3:00 PM - Longevity Movement Chi Kung: Jack Fischer 

9:00 AM - Sunday Morning SING: Mark Smith
10:30 AM - The ABCs of Managing Anxiety: Chandra Passero
12:00 PM - Ayurveda for Kids & Families: Marek Sawicki & Uma Thompson
1:30 PM - Aphrodesiac Herbs: Corey Pine Shane
3:00 PM - Bhakti Yoga, A Path of Heart: Kristin Luna Ray
NEW! DOBRA TEA LOUNGE @ Healing Arts Tents presents:
Tastes from the Tea Gardens of the East
Friday @ 3, Sunday @ 4.
Also NEW! GEODESIC DOME Workshops:
(open for meditation in the off-times)
4:00 pm- Sacred Reciprocity as Spirtual Ecology: Lauren Aiyana
5:15 pm- Guided Meditation: Liz Cox
6:30 pm- Contact Improv: Michael Hurd
9:00 am- Wicosani Flute Meditation: Geri Little John
10:15- Open Heart Meditation: Damon Dickinson
1:30 pm- Mommy & Me+Prenatal Yoga: Martia Rachman
3:00-Radiate Love, Cultivate Compassion: Kim Drye
4:15- Cracking the Code: Dr. Saraswati Markus
5:30- Being Resilient: Jacob Barrocas
10:00 - Speak with Spirit: Melisa Austin
11:00 am- Massage for Happy Dancers: Wanda Sundermann
2:00 pm- Akashville; Illuminating the Akashic Records: Kelly S. Jones


 Thank you to all who applied for the Fall festival!

Applications are now closed.
Info for future applicants:



“What a FANTASTIC LEAF! I experienced a pinnacle of my Nia teaching career! Attendees were so ready to dance, open, play, connect, ground, and heal!  There was so much love and heart energy flying around, that a few folks, including myself, experienced tears of joy!  So, YES to LEAF!  YES to LOVE!  YES to COMMUNITY! Thank you for making this experience possible and your commitment to Healing Arts!"
-Maureen | NIA

"The Healing Arts Area weaves an underlying matrix of healing consciousness that permeates every aspect of the festival and affects every person here either directly or indirectly, making LEAF a truly magical microcosm of idyllic existence!"



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