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LEAF Schools & Streets hosts professional performers as Visiting Teaching Artists for each festival. Schools that book a Visiting Teaching Artist will have a 3-5 day residency with that artist. Visiting Artists typically do a whole school performance as part of the residency.

To reserve an artist or to get more information, contact Jocelyn Reese, LEAF Schools & Streets Director:  Jocelyn@theLEAF.org | 828/68-MUSIC [686-8742]

...THANK YOU to all of these wonderful festival performers who acted as Visiting Aritsts for the 38th LEAF Festival & shared their skills and talents with local youth!

LSSVTAPerpetualemotionPerpetual e-Motion at Joyful Noise Music Center
Dance tunes with momentum and groove – 3 days

Contra Dance
Outreach Dates: 
3 days, May 7-9
Grade Focus: 
Students will learn the tradition of Contra Dancing during this interactive residency! Contra dance is a fun, partnered folk dance that is hugely popular at Asheville and at the LEAF Festival. Students will learn basic steps like “do-si-do” and “swing your partner.” Perpetual e-Motion will provide the tunes, and caller Diane Silver will do the calls. Perpetual e-Motion is highly regarded for their ability to provide hours of fun music for contra dances. They present hot fiddle tunes complete with lots of groove and an electronic twist. Students will learn each dance by walking through the steps and formations, following the caller's instructions. Contra dance is a great way for teenagers and pre-teens to get to dance together, and students will develop listening and cooperation skills through the residency. Students will open a festive Contra Dance in Brookside Dance Hall on Saturday, May 10. 

LSSVTAZachDeputyZach Deputy at Owen Middle School
World-Influenced Guitar – 3 days

Guitar Virtuoso
Outreach Dates: 
3 days, May 7-9
Grade Focus: 
In this fun, 3-day residency, students will learn about different types of world music, and how they have largely influenced American music. Zach Deputy is a singer-songwriter virtuoso with master proficiencies in acoustic guitar and studio production. He will discuss his own personal experiences and background in world music. Students will discuss how technology bridges the cultural gap, and how different styles of music from across the world can be combined to make new music. Students will learn a song that represents these ideas, and sing and dance onstage with Zach on Saturday, May 10.

LSSVTAAlexKrugBandAlex Krug Combo at Cane Creek Middle School
A Celebration of Motown Music and Animals - 5 days

Heart-driven Rock Americana
Outreach Dates: 
May 5-9 (Monday-Friday)
Grade Focus
In this interactive 5-day residency, students will dive into the “Motown Sound.” Students will learn 3 to 4 Motown style songs about pets by Alex Krug Combo, Howard Hanger Jazz fantasy and possibly others. Simplified Motown rhythms using hand and feet body percussion will be taught along with basic choreography and vocal harmonies. Participants will learn all about how Motown music was the first major integration of African-American musical artists into the mainstream American pop music scene.  Students will make a modern connection and look at examples of the ways Motown rhythms greatly influenced hip-hop and pop music as we know it today. This residency will culminate in a performance of Motown-style songs onstage at LEAF, Saturday, May 10!         

LSSVTAMolassesCreekMolasses Creek at Hall Fletcher Elementary School
Folk Music from the Coast of North Carolina – 5 days
Genre:  Contemporary Folk
Outreach Dates:  May 5-9 (Monday-Friday)
Grade Focus: 4-12
Molasses Creek's high-energy performance skills and phenomenal songwriting will bring the love of their coastal home of Ocracoke Island, NC to the classroom! In this interactive and fun residency, the band will present contemporary folk music using acoustic instruments. Students will identify musical concepts such as harmony, rhythm, how instruments work together, and music as a possible career path. Students will also learn about the history and culture of Ocracoke Island as the band weaves place-based stories into their instruction. For students with musical or choral skills, the group will dive deeper into acoustic folk music, exploring genres and instruments, harmony/vocal techniques, song arranging and writing, and dynamics. Molasses Creek can also incorporate a Traditional Ocracoke Square Dance, providing music and caller - either as the whole program itself, or just a taste with one short dance!  All ages love square dancing. Students will perform and/or dance with Molasses Creek onstage at LEAF Saturday, May 10.                                                     

LSSKimandReggieHarrisKim and Reggie Harris at Claxton Elementary School
Socially Conscious Music and Storytelling – 3 days

Inspirational Folk
Outreach Dates: 
3 days, May 7-9
Focus: 3-5
Students will sing the praises of America’s diverse cultural heritage during this up-lifting 3 day residency. Kim and Reggie Harris have amassed an amazing repertoire of African American music, blending spirituals and freedom songs, the old and the new. The duo originally set out to raise awareness of the Underground Railroad, using music and history to create an engaging performance for audiences of all ages. They will discuss leadership and role models (what are the qualities of a good leader) with students, and will work with them to write songs and tell stories about leaders they know and/or admire. The residency will also focus on discussion of how youth are or can become leaders in their school and community. Students will share some of their work in both small and large groups. Kim & Reggie Harris will present a school-wide performance of "Dream Alive!" (a multi-media presentation that celebrates significant African-Americans from every walk of life and field), complete with curriculum for teachers. For more information about the couple’s involvement in schools, please visit:
http://artistsofnote.com/kim-and-reggie-harris/ Youth will focus on song and story development and performance and presentation skills, culminating in a final performance onstage at LEAF, Saturday, May 10!    


Darrell Rose at Haw Creek Elementary School
Master West African Percussionist – 3 days

West African Drumming
Outreach Dates: 
3 days, May 7-9
Grade Focus: 
Students will feel the power of African rhythm during this interactive, 3-day drumming residency. Darrell Rose is a master African drummer who plays in the West African tradition with his band JuJu Gathering. He has played internationally with Corey Harris, among other well-known names in the music industry, and has played on tour and recorded with The Wailers. Darrell's involvement with and commitment to teaching young people distinguishes him from other talented musicians. The work that he has done with youth through LEAF Schools & Streets is life-changing! Students will learn about West African culture and perform drumming techniques on-stage at LEAF, Sunday, May 11.

Boukman Eksperyans with LEAF International Haiti  at Asheville Catholic School
Congo Dance and Drum – 3 Days
Genre:  Dance, Song and Rhythms from Haiti
Outreach Dates:  3 days, May 7-9
Grade Focus: K-12
Format: Students will experience the vibrant culture of the
Congo lakou of Haïti in this residency! Grammy-nominated, Boukman Eksperyans present a worldly high-energy sound, fusing traditional Haitian rhythms with rock and reggae. As Haiti's most well-known musical group, Boukman Eksperyans will introduce students to their culture, music, and traditional instruments. Reflecting their Vodou roots, they are accompanied by the drums: Ti fè, tchatcha. Their cultural conversations can also be expanded to include discussions about Haiti's Earthquake, relief and reconstruction. Students may also gain the cultural experience of a lifetime with the opportunity to interact with the LEAF International youth from Haiti. Students will perform traditional drums with Hans Dominique, dance with Johanne Dejean, and sing songs with Manzè and Lolo onstage Sunday, May 11.

LSSVTAZuluConnectionZulu Connection at Spruce Pine Montessori School
West African Stilt Dancing & New Orleans Mardi Gras Indians – 5 days

Genre:  New Orleans
Outreach Dates:  5 days, May 5-9
Grade Focus: K-12
Masters of the African form of stilt dancing and ancient mystical masquerades, Zulu Connection spell-bounds its audiences with its colorful and elaborate costumes, tremendous heights, extraordinary acrobatics and magnificent dance moves! Students will learn about African customs, history, musical instruments, masquerades and legends during this incredible residency. Zulu Connection captivates students, dispelling common held myths about masquerades and this unique culture!
The residency will culminate with youth immersed this festive culture performing onstage with Zulu Connection, Sunday, May 11. 

Check out this awesome video of youth in Children First/CIS Learning Centers performing at the 38th LEAF festival: May 8-11, 2014!


 LEAF Festival May 2014

North Carolina Folk Traditions at Hall Fletcher Elementary with Molasses Creek!

"A great experience for all on many levels." -Marcy Brenner of Molasses Creek


Molasses Creek's high-energy performance skills and phenomenal songwriting brought the love of their coastal home of Ocracoke Island, NC to the classroom! In this interactive and fun residency, the band presented contemporary folk music using acoustic instruments to a group of 62 2nd graders at Hall Fletcher Elementary in West Asheville.

"The band was amazing and captured children's interest as soon as they met. They were so kind and made the music so fun for them!" shared the teacher, Erica. "They were able to learn a totally new form of music and dance they have never been introduced to (and from our own state!)."

"I learned to keep on the sunny side" shared student Leah. Another student learned "dancing, singing and teamwork" from their LEAF Schools & Streets Residency!

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